Adaptalux is a very clever modular portable macro photography lighting system and an easy to use adaptable video lighting solution.

Adaptalux macro lighting system

Adaptalux is a patent pending adaptable miniature lighting studio. It allows for an infinite amount of lighting environments to be created, in an effortless and adaptable way all under one product.

Adaptalux macro lighting

This gives lighting control and creativity back to the user, allowing you to create fantastically unique lighting for images and videos with complete freedom. Adaptalux has been designed to make macro photography, macro videography and product photography lighting easy and accessible to photographers of all ability. The only limit, is your imagination.

The Adapalux consists of three components: The Control Pod, the Lighting Arms, and the Effect Components.

For more: Adaptalux, and their Kickstarter campaign page.

Adaptalux lighting system

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