New products for the Sony Venice camera from Wooden Camera include a custom Top Plate, EVF Mount and Extension, audio adapter called A-Box which turns the 5pin XLR into two 3pin XLRs, a new Solid Baseplate that features two ARRI-standard rosettes, and a power distribution box called D-Box which provides multiple power outputs and is available in  V-Mount and Gold Mount.


The A-Box, Top Plate, Solid Baseplate, Unified Baseplate, AIR EVF Mount, and AIR EVF Extension for the Sony Venice are currently in stock. The remaining items are available for pre-order, and will ship in late April through the Wooden Camera website and through their dealership network.


257400  – A-Box (Sony Venice)   $250

– Converts 5pin XLR to two industry standard 3pin XLRs

– Phantom power can be enabled in camera

– Fits neatly with the contours of the camera body

257600  – Top Plate (Sony Venice)   $299

– Provides 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points

258900  – Solid Baseplate (Sony Venice, F55, F5)   $499

– Provides LW rod support at the correct lens height

– Features two ARRI style rosettes for mounting accessories like extension arms and handles

222200  – Unified Baseplate (Sony Venice)    $499

– Quick release baseplate with ARRI dovetail interface on the bottom

– Releasable top for separating camera from rod system

– 15mm LW support rods pass through front to back

258000  – D-Box (Sony Venice, V-Mount)   $1,195

258100  – D-Box (Sony Venice, Gold Mount)   $1,195

– Power Distribution for Sony Venice available in Gold Mount or V-Mount

– Mounts directly to the camera back and right side making the footprint very small

– Compatible with stock Sony accessory sets, as well as, 3rd party mechanical accessory sets

– Provides 2x D-Tap, 2x 2pin LEMO, 2x 3pin Fischer with R/S, 1x USB, and 4pin XLR DC Input

259000  – AIR EVF Mount (Sony Venice, DVF-EL200 EVF)   $550

– New EVF holder for Sony Venice viewfinder

– Ultra-lightweight

– Easily adjustable with one hand

259100  – AIR EVF Extension Arm (Sony Venice, DVF-EL200 EVF)   $480

– Extends the stock Sony EVF mount or AIR EVF Mount (Sony Venice) for tripod shooting

– Ultra-lightweight

– Includes attachment point for ARRI eyepiece leveler

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