You have to admit these Cheetah shots are pretty impressive thanks to the Mantis remote dolly system from Motion Impossible!

Check out the Motion Impossible brag reel featuring the Mantis in action…

The original Mantis by Motion Impossible is a remote dolly system. It combines with your camera and gimbal to create the ultimate tool for remotely moving and stabilising your camera.
With an operating range of up to 300m/1000ft and a quiet electric motor system you can drive your camera in to difficult filming areas, generate on the spot shots with no set up times and have fun whilst filming in a new and creative way.
The modular Mantis system allows you to build your ideal remote dolly. Position your broadcast camera at a unique low level using the V-Con module, or up at eye level using the V-Con XL. Attach the 360⁰ Evo and you have the world first solution to remotely moving and stabilising 360⁰ cameras on the ground.

Mantis from Motion Impossible on Vimeo.

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