Say goodbye to the GoPro Karma and say hello to the freshly minted CES 2018 dropped Autel Robotics EVO drone.

Details are sparse to say the least. At the time of writing, no update on the Autel Robotics website about the EVO UAV.

The Autel Robotics Facebook page does however have extra videos on the EVO drone…. Check it out HERE.

What is known is that the EVO is a small foldable drone similar to the DJI Mavic, equipped with a 4K f2.8 camera, and capable of travelling 7kms with a 30 minute flight time battery.

The EVO drone comes with a handheld controller with a 3.3 inch OLED monitor screen built in, plus you can hook your phone or tablet up to the controller for monitoring too.

Forward and underneath obstacle avoidance, focus tracking, follow me modes, all seem to be there on the EVO drone from Autel Robotics.

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