The Wooden Camera Zip Focus is a universal single-rod follow focus available at the affordable price of $499. 

The Zip Focus securely locks into position and will not slip, making it an ideal accessory for compact and handheld camera setups.

As a single-sided follow focus with a unibody design, this unit occupies minimal space and can be easily and quickly adjusted to accommodate any lens and camera configuration.

Our unique pivoting bracket ensures the hand wheel is always in the upright position and is interchangeable between a 15mm lightweight and 15mm Studio/ 19mm rod clamp.

– Single sided, compact and universal follow focus
– Comes with hard stop disc, two standard marking discs, .8mod cine gear, and friction gear
– Available in 15mm LW or 19mm/15mm Studio kits
– Swing arms available individually as well
– Affordable price point of $499

For product highlights, check out the Wooden Camera website:
Zip Focus (15mm LW Follow Focus)   $499.00
Zip Focus (19mm/15mm Studio Follow Focus)  $499.00

The Zip Focus is available for pre-order now and ships in early April through the Wooden Camera website and through their dealership network.

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