Freefly has been working around the clock to discover new ways to empower filmmakers. The result this year is a raft of innovative new camera movement tools to share at the NAB show (April 13th-16th). Freefly will announce and show four major products that each extends filmmaker capabilities in dramatic fashion.


Introducing the Freefly MIMIC


freefly mimic


Freefly MIMIC with Chase Jarvis from Freefly on Vimeo.


With the launch of the MōVI in 2013, Freefly tackled the issue of camera stability and enabled unrestricted camera movement in a way that wasn’t possible before. Now camera control technology leaps forward with the MIMIC controller. Remote shots have meant that the camera operator can be distanced from the ‘feel’ of the camera and the shot while operating a camera remotely. Just move the MIMIC and the MōVI will follow. It is a system so intuitive and organic that operators can execute complex moving shots with precise framing after just minutes of practice. After the first use Chase Jarvis said “…It seriously feels like the future; you shouldn’t be able to do this!”


Freefly MIMIC with Jett and Kaia from Freefly on Vimeo.


The Freefly MIMIC can be purchased as a beta release of hardware and software from the Freefly Store for $495, with first beta product shipments to customers expected before the end of April, 2015. Even better, existing and future customers of the MōVI Controller will get the MIMIC functionality built in, with a simple, free, firmware release. The firmware will be released simultaneously with the MIMIC hardware beta.



Returning to the air with the Freefly ALTA


Freefly ALTA TOPMOUNTFreefly began as a pioneer in aerial cinematography. But for the last couple of years the MōVI was so popular that the aerial platform, the CineStar, was overshadowed. No more. The Freefly ALTA multi-rotor platform will be revealed at NAB and will likely steal the show.


Freefly ALTA from Freefly on Vimeo.


“Professionals will really appreciate the advances we have made,” said Tabb Firchau, CEO of Freefly Systems. “The ALTA is the culmination of our aerial expertise, created to support elite aerial cinematographers who want to fly cameras up to and including the RED Epic and ARRI Mini. We can’t wait to see the creative results from this new platform.”

The ALTA comes ready to fly. It unpacks in minutes, carries a 15 lb. payload, and is guided by the state-of-the-art Freefly Synapse flight controller to ensure safety, rock-solid stability, and versatility. Enabling a host of shots that were never before possible, the camera can be mounted on the top of the ALTA. It’s simply the latest and best from pioneers in aerial cinematography, that will take the industry to the next level of performance. The Freefly ALTA will be priced at $8,495 with the first units shipping to customers in June, 2015. Customers can pre-order the ALTA from the Freefly Store or Freefly Dealers immediately with a $1,000 deposit.


Remote lens control with the Freefly WEDGE


freefly wedge

Freefly customers have been vocal about what they need and Freefly heard them loud and clear. A revolutionary lens control system, the “Freefly WEDGE” allows the operator to control Focus, Iris, Zoom remotely while moving the camera and framing the shot. It operates in tandem with the MōVI Controller, and adapts to the many different professional camera, lens and motor combinations. It is the smallest and lightest 3-channel lens controller ever, fitting into place snugly in a tiny package between the MōVI cage and camera. Now camera operators will be able to truly dial in the shot like never before. The Freefly WEDGE is priced at $2,495 and will begin shipping in early May, 2015. The units can be pre-ordered immediately from the Freefly Store or Freefly.


New member of the family: Meet The MōVI XL


freefly movi-xl

There is a segment of high-end cameras that Freefly has not tackled until now. People thought that they would always require extremely expensive and complex setups to move these preferred cameras with the action. With the MōVI XL, they are neglected no longer. The MōVI XL has been specifically designed to bring the familiar benefits of MōVI mobility, with stabilization and control, to cameras like the Vision Research Phantom Flex4K and the ARRI Alexa. With this, the MōVI family will expand beyond the M5, M10, M15 to include the XL: so now you can really Super Size your MōVI. The MōVI XL will be available in the 3rd calendar quarter, in a bundle with the MōVI Controller, from the Freefly Store or only through select Freefly dealers at a price of $40,000, and can be pre-ordered with a $4,000 deposit.


The Freefly Systems booth at the NAB Show: All of these products will be available at the show to see and experience, so don’t hesitate to find us at NAB (Booth C3112). New creative video from early testers and information about the products will also be regularly updated on the Freefly Systems website, and via social media.

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