Italian gear maker SmartSystem are bringing out the SmartCAM Horizon Brushless Monitor Stabilizer.

The SmartCAM Horizon is a brushless stabilizer made for quickly and correctly balancing LCD Monitors on Steadicams.

Steadicam operators have had the problem moving the sled from Hi-mode to Low-mode and needing to rebalance the rig. Everytime they have to rebalance the system in order to let it work properly with the monitor.

Now think about the ARRI Trinity system. They solved the problem moving a little monitor on the hand of the sled. With Horizon you can use your monitor (Marshall, SmallHD, Swift or whatever), attach your Ronin 2 or Movi PRO ShootRIG YAG+ XL gimbal etc on top of your sled and you are ready to go.

The video is in Italian, but I’m told English subs are coming as well as more on this new product. For now please enjoy this sneak peek on the SmartSystem SmartCAM Horizon Brushless Monitor Stabilizer…

For more on the SmartCAM Horizon Brushless Monitor Stabilizer please see SmartSystem.

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