Ever use the original Genie from New Zealand gear maker SYRP?

I have, on a few observational documentary TV shoots in the middle of the Australian Outback with temperatures static at 46°C / 115°F.

That black and green Genie never skipped a beat in the searing heat.

Now news comes that the Genie II approaches with must have essentials such as full keyframe setup for time-lapse, automated bulb ramping for time-lapse, joystick driven live movement control, multi-row panorama, universal slider, dolly and cable cam compatibility, and swappable batteries, to name but just a few of its features.

Starting at just $899, best pop that Genie II on the must have gear list pronto…

The Genie II is stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor with the same attention to simplicity and portability. Shoot 3-Axis motion control time-lapse and video and program everything directly from the Syrp genie App or the onboard LCD on the Genie II Pan Tilt drive.

Genie II also has many other new features including:

Full keyframe setup for Time-lapse, video
Automated Bulb Ramping Time-lapse
Joystick driven Live Movement Control
Multi-Row Panorama
Swappable battery packs
Full Wireless Camera Control
Live View Mode
Compiled Time-lapse preview
Universal slider, dolly and cable cam compatibility
App Control on iOS and Android
Colour LCD for simple setup control (Genie II Pan Tilt)
Patent pending Quick Release System
USB-C, BLE & Wifi connection
Patented rope drive for endless tracking
Heavy lifting and fast moving
Multi camera support

*We’ll be working hard to get all the features ready for our target June ship date. However some features may not be completely finished and will be rolled out in an update as soon as possible.

*Estimated shipping date June 2018

See SYRP for more information about the Genie II.

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