download the VW 158 canon dslr picture styles picture profiles

Exciting news as once again we have updated our collection of Vision Wrangler or VW Canon Picture Styles / Picture Profiles that we have picked up from around the internet to now be 158 after finding the Similaar Suite of Flaat Picture Styles. The Similaar Suite of Flaat Picture Styles are designed for Contrast=-4; make sure that’s the value you use.

As for the other parameters, Saturation=-2, Sharpness=2, Tone=0, but you should change those if you prefer some other values.

VW Lens Cap-1

Flaat_1 is for low-DR situations, and for people that are used to shooting Neutral -4
Flaat_2 would be my workhorse option; it will feel the most natural for people shooting with Technicolor CineStile or Marvels Cine
Flaat_3 is the one I’d use if I needed some extra DR; but not for everything: it’s more noisy
Flaat_4 is for very excepcional cases where I need as much DR as I can get
The general advice for clean images would be: use the narrowest Flaat picture style that records enough DR for your shot. If Flaat_1 doesn’t give you clipped highlights or shadows, that route will lead to less noise and smoother gradients than using Flaat_3.

As always this is not a complete Picture Style collection by any means but just a huge chunk of the 158 styles we like to use from time to time. Hope you like using The 158 VW Canon Picture Styles / Picture Profiles too.
So if you work with Canon DSLR cameras you will ask yourself at some stage this question “To shoot Flat or not to shoot Flat” as in to film with minimum saturation and contrast then manipulate in Post. This is not a piece on arguing for or against Shooting Flat as it may surprise you that some Shooters and Snappers out there like to have a baked in style at the coal face. It may be through experience, arrogance or sheer stupidity but for whatever reason there is a percentage of image manipulators out there that like to use Picture Styles that don’t contain the word Flat in them.


Everyone should have a preferred set of Picture Styles that they use on jobs other than the stock standard in camera ones supplied by Canon.
If you never venture away from the presets are you really getting the most out of the camera and yourself?

So help yourself to 158 simply stunning Canon Picture Styles including the Technicolor CineStyle and others collected from different people and places on the interweb.

We didn’t make them but are grateful to the talented people who did.
If you use them and like them then seek out the creator and thank them. If you do normally Shoot Flat then experiment with a few of the styles next when snapping / shooting or try a few picture styles filming or taking stills with a Baked In Look.


Go on live a little on the wild side.

Thanks to Vision Wrangler for supplying the collection of Canon Picture Styles, Picture Profiles. Please follow @VisionWrangler on Twitter.


Download Canon Picture Styles

The 158 VW Collection Canon Picture Styles

How to add Canon Picture Styles Picture Profiles to your Canon DSLR camera.

Big thanks to Similaar for making the new Flaat picture styles and if you like them then pop on over to Similaar and donate some money for a thank you.

Thanks also to Martin Beek for his efforts in providing Canon Pictures Styles that so many of us have enjoyed using.