From Kessler, the industry leader in motion control for film and photography comes AutoCam360TM a new brand of products and services for e-commerce and commercials.

Kessler, the leader in motion control and camera support systems for film, video and photography, today announced the launch of AutoCam360TM line of products and services. AutoCam360TM is a complete solution for automating product photography and video for e-commerce and commercial use with multiple hardware options, software, workflow and support that is made and based in the USA. Kessler has gone beyond the simple conventional turntable (rotation) by adding distance (move in or out), elevation (up or down), angle (tilt) but also with the unique ability to do motorized focus and zoom (with our optional focus and zoom motor kit).

AutoCam360TM software allows for precision camera moves, tethered live view, camera controls and DMX lighting control. The AutoCam360TM can be used for short or tall objects by using either the stock rail turntable or our extended turntable option. Kessler offers a complete line of accessories as well as stand-alone turntable solutions and a tempered glass center-less turntable. In addition to the AutoCam360TM new brand of products Kessler is also offering studio services using AutoCam360TM solutions to users who do not have the space, equipment or personnel to create high quality e- commerce content in-house.

The Online Shopping Experience is Changing and Competitive

As the trend for shopping online grows everyday, websites are adding 360° spins, 3D product views and video to increase user engagement and convert looks into sales. It also helps customers make better purchasing decisions versus static images and gives your customers a better understanding of your products and confidence in what they are buying. 360° spins, 3D product views, pack images and video has become increasingly prevalent in e-commerce as the competition to stand out is at an all time high. With millions of choices of where to shop, 360° spins, 3D product views and video make the online shopping experience better and more desirable for everyone. AutoCam360TM is designed to stay ahead of the curve by delivering a complete and powerful automated solution not only for amazing multi angle product photos but also for professional looking videos.

Keep Brand Consistency on Point

With AutoCam360TM users can precisely repeat and recall camera movements, camera settings and lighting controls keeping product photography and video consistent even if the shoots are days apart.

The Perfect Solution for Mom and Pop Online Stores and Creative Professionals

Managing an online retail operation with numerous product lines or brands can be a challenge and very time consuming if doing it manually. With a big push on making e- stores more visual it makes it even harder to stay ahead of the pack. The huge upside of being more visual on a store site is that it is shown that 360° spins, 3D product views and video clearly decrease the likelihood of a return. TheAutoCam360TM makesthe entire process easy by automating it and making it repeatable. AutoCam360TM photographs products for perfect 360° spins, 3D product views and smooth precise professional video moves in seconds instead of minutes or hours. Making a professional photos and video of a product has never been easier or more affordable.

Automate a Studio or Use The Kessler Studio

AutoCam360TM is available for purchase to easily automate an existing studio, but if time, personnel resources or the space is restrictive, Kessler also offers studio services. Kessler’s studio space is large enough to shoot (photo and video) dozens of brands and products sequentially using AutoCam360TM hardware. They have lighting packages , cameras (Nikon, Canon, RED) and dozens of lenses that allow their photographers to shoot almost anything. Simply ship the products to Kessler, they sort and prepare them, shoot them, provide an approval process, once approved they upload the 360° spins, 3D product views or video and ship back the items. Kessler can set you up for success with an AutoCam360TM system or via their studio services. The AutoCam360TM system is available for purchase or lease now!

About Kessler

Since 2003 Kessler has made award-winning, industry leading motion control products and camera support systems for film, video and photography with a commitment to making products in the USA. Kessler manufactures and supports everything they make onsite at its facility in Plymouth, Indiana. Kessler is a customer-centric company that stands behind its products. Our customer’s needs are always considered first and their commitment to innovation provides the roadmap to delivering products that can execute in the studio and in the field, day in and day out for thousands of consumers, professionals, and businesses worldwide. For more information, visit

AutoCam360 TM and the AutoCam360 TM logo are trademarks of Kessler Crane, Inc.

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