Evolife.cn went along to the Chinese launch of the Canon 5DS and 5DS R cameras in Shanghai, and got a very welcomed surprise when a Canon 4K concept camera was introduced on stage.

Hideki Ozawa President & CEO, Canon China held the 4K EOS One concept camera in his hands showing it off to the audience there to see the 5DS and 5DS R cameras. Jackie Chan then jumped on stage and joined the Chinese Canon President.

Camera details were very scarce, other than a 1″ sensor, it shoots 4K is called the EOS One, and has inbuilt WiFi. You can also gleen some info just from the pics, such as camera body size, lens choice, and the attached EVF, as well as the square lens hood.

You can see the Canon 4K concept camera also had a 4K video lens attached with 10X OPTICAL ZOOM 8.9-89.0mm 1: 2.8-5.6 Φ58 written on it.

Canon Concept 4K camera

Canon 4K Camera Concept

Canon Concept 4K camera 4K lens

Also on Wiebo the Chinese social media platform, user Congo posted more pictures of the Canon EOS One 4K concept camera presentation from Hideki Ozawa President & CEO, Canon China, and Jackie Chan taking to the stage.

Canon 4K Concept Camera

Canon 4K Concept Camera 1

Canon Concept Camera 3

Canon Concept Camera 2

Canon Concept Camera 4

And from OnePoint website another angle of the camera reveals the back, with screen and WiFi.

Canon 4K Camera

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.51.05 pm

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