At IBC 2011 ARRI have shown off their L-Series LED lights. The L7-T, L7-D and L7-C LED fixtures incorporate Fresnel characteristics such as continuous focusability from spot to flood and a smooth homogenous light field.

L stands for LED and 7 for the 7” Fresnel-like lens shared by all three models. It is in color output that they differ: the L7-T is 3200 K (matching tungsten), the L7-D is 5600 K (matching daylight), and the L7-C is color controllable.

Shaping the beam to isolate talent and set elements; cutting the field to eliminate spill light. Controllability is crucial to lighting, and L-Series Fresnels provide the same ability to cut and shape with barndoors and flags that we have come to expect from conventional Fresnels.

See ARRI for more.

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