News from the RigWheels camp is that their Magnetic Windshield Mount, the the most practical way you’ll find to mount a small camera or other production devices inside a vehicle, is ready for you to grab from their store.

With the growing popularity of shooting content inside of vehicles and the unmistakable front-on two-shot that you see everywhere, The magnetic windshield mount provides an ideal solution by overcoming many challenges that typically arise when using traditional suction or hard-mounting techniques.


There couldn’t be anything faster then snapping a couple magnets together. Speed is critical for todays production environments and when you have fast tools you can get more content for your clients.


Forget about pumping your vacuum suction cups! This product was developed for a project where the cameras would be living in vehicles for up to a week at a time. If you’ve worked with suction mounts you know that they will loose power over time and more than that, it’s a thought that sits in your head the entire time you’re using suction which distracts you from the real work at hand. With our magnets your camera will stay attached all day, all month, all year. This product is designed for HDSLR with compact glass or smaller (it can work for larger but that is at your discretion).

Please see RigWheels for more about the Magnetic Windshield Mount System.

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