So here is the thing, the Chrosziel CustomCage came about after much consultation with filmmakers.

On a forum set up exclusively by Chrosziel consulting and encouraging rig requirement insights, one of the outcomes has been the CustomCage.

The look, the feel, the colours, the size, the shape, in fact let’s just say the complete design came from that forum setup by Chrosziel wanting to have shooters give an input into a future proof camera rig.

So the CustomCage rig has an unmistakably Chrosziel look right?

Well apparently not.

Can you tell which rig comes from Heimstetten, Germany, and which one comes from India?



Hands up if we should simply get Chrosziel to close down their ultra helpful filmmaking community forum and have them bide their time till DVCity makes their next rig for them.

Ummm Tick Tock… It’s going to be a long wait in anticipation… and for inspiration.

See the original Chrosziel CustomCage in action.

Thanks to Florian N. Gintenreiter for the video review.

The Chosziel CustomCage of course can be purchased for individual cameras such as the Canon C300, Sony F5 / F55, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera or any DSLR camera.

You can also pick a la carte and grab most CustomCage pieces that best meet your camera’s needs.

Chrosziel CustomCage

Hit Chrosziel up for more on their CustomCage and you can find the DVCity Camtree Hunt HERE.

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