The Abel Cine Tech “At The Bench” videos are a great resource for TV and Film shooters and anyone in between. This episode of At the Bench has Mitch Gross cover the RotaPola Filter Holder.

There are a few types of filters that need to be rotated in the mattebox in order to be adjusted for proper use. The most common is the polarizer, which alters its effectiveness based on its relative direction to the light. On a rotating filter stage in a mattebox, it is simple enough to turn the tray and set the polarizer, but many matteboxes do not have rotating trays, or only have a single stage that rotates. The RotaPola is a special filter holder that rotates a polarizing filter within. The various size models fit into standard matteboxes and adjust the filter rotation with a geared wheel. This wheel can be adjusted with a finger, but can also be controlled by a standard follow focus or lens motor.

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