One of the lighting series ikan took to the nab 2016 show was the Rayden LED lineup.


The Ikan Rayden LED light provides brighter 45 degree lenses that come in either Bi-Color or Daylight color temperatures. With over 600 LEDs in the Half x 1 and over 1100 LED’s in the 1 x 1, these two different sizes give the customer more choices for their set. Its high CRI/TLCI also provides the customer with confidence in the color fidelity of the light.

The new shell design has a sleek and futuristic appearance with a single yellow knob that allows for quick adjustments and precise dial-in of color or brightness.

The proven Ikan barn doors with intensifiers are also included to allow you to shape the light. These lights come in either pro battery field configuration or in DMX512 configuration.

“We have been getting ready to show off some of our new LED Panel lights for our customers and I think they will be anxious to get their hands on these new LED arrays.” Says Barry Garcia Product Manager.

For more information, see ikan.

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