So glad Super Meme Bloggers did not get chosen for shooting with the Sony PMW-F3 cameras. Instead we get to see a camera at work, and a camera speak for itself without all the accompanying blogger cladding. We get to witness just the footage that has come out from the Testers of the 35mm F3 camera and with little fanfare have what they shot speak for itself.
Best of all we did not have to listen or read about how tired dopey bloggers are, how busy they are, or how rushed they are, or blah blah blah click on this link for my sponsor blah blah blah, instead up pops great quality offerings with no fuss, and no it’s about me more than the camera bullshit.
What we do get to see though is well thought out mise en scène, with plenty of care as to how the scenes turn out and drive the narrative. Low and behold thought has gone into a story that has gone along with the privilege of accessing a preproduction camera model; and guess what the buggers used a tripod.
That Super Meme wobbly as shit unstructured mash of rushed shots and badly edited goop we saw days earlier has nothing on Sony’s choice of Testers for their up coming cameras.

Sit back relax and enjoy another well shot Sony PMW-F3 camera piece of mini magic.

bonHomme Sony F3 test from thomas ozoux on Vimeo.

a short film written, shot, and post produced in 8 days to promote the new Sony 35mm digital camera PMW-F3…with a little help from my friends…

All natural light, only two shots lit using kinoflo single 60

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