Dinkum Systems is a range of camera accessories invented by Emmy-award winning cinematographer John Mans. The products have been tested on land and sea, from Everest to the Sahara Desert and on every continent on earth. After serving the professional film community with specialty lens shades and mounts for over a decade, the full Dinkum Systems range now includes highly useful ‘pro-sumer’ devices. Designed for the exploding DSLR and action camera markets, the two top sellers are the newly released ActionPod mount and the COMPACT lens shade.

Dinkum Systems

The move from clunky film cameras to smaller HD devices has meant the death of the tripod. ActionPod is a universal, clamping monopod mount that enables the current generation of filmmakers to achieve infinite new angles and shots. ActionPod is perfect for fast-paced, multiple-angle filming in the wildest settings and strangest of places. Professional shooters are using the ActionPod in productions for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Travel Channel and Animal Planet. Dinkum Systems rock ‘n roll credentials were firmly established after ActionPod and GoPro paired up to capture shots on the drum kit of Rolling Stones legend Charlie Watts.

Dinkum Systems GoPro

Great feedback for the ActionPod just keeps rolling in. One camera operator took the system to the Arctic on the acclaimed documentary ‘Chasing Ice’. Matthew Kennedy says “…the versatility of the clamp and arm system is impressive. I think I used it for no less than a dozen different tasks – the possibilities are endless”. Denver-based DP Andy McDonald, who described Dinkum Systems as the ‘crack dealers’ of the camera accessories world, says “I am too used to using them, I can’t work without them now”.

Dinkum Systems DSLR

The Dinkum Systems COMPACT lens shade is the first shade of its kind for cameras with hot-shoe mounts. Boasting a professional-style aluminum shade and a sturdy flexible arm, the COMPACT lens shade is fast becoming an essential part of a photographer’s kit. A recent review from Philippe Dame’s ‘Learning DSLR’ describes the hard working shade as “…inexpensive and fast to install… this becomes that third hand you’ve been wishing for to block unwanted light”. Professional shooters love this accessory just as much as the serious amateur. DP Jim Surette replaced the bulky matte box in his pack with a super-light COMPACT lens shade on a recent shoot in the Himalayas, dealing with lens flare quickly and easily in a challenging environment.

Dinkum Systems Mic

Dinkum Systems is based out of Boulder, Colorado and Carlton River, Tasmania. The company owner and product inventor John Mans, of Boulder, refined the product’s concept during a 100-day expedition to Antarctica. Co-owner Andi Lucas, of Tasmania, operates the business between the US and Australia. The quirky business name comes from the well-known Aussie colloquialism of something being “…fair dinkum”; a phrase used when something is genuine, kosher or the real deal. After a soft launch in mid-2012, Dinkum Systems is now sold in major camera chains on the East and West Coasts of the USA; has distribution in Australia and the United Kingdom; is sold in Southern Africa and is available online via the company website Dinkum Systems.

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