First up let me tell you that your filmmaking work sucks. It does, and so does mine. Is it hard for you to hear those words? Get over it! Open ended analysis is part of what we do, it helps us grow and build and be better at what we love. But of course someone out there does not like your work. That’s a fact. Plenty of people will of course enjoy your creative juices, but you know you can’t please all of the people all of the time. So if you put your chin out to be kissed don’t be shocked when someone slaps it hard instead.


Sure pick your fights, take a stance and stand up for what matters in your work, but you ain’t going to win every fight every time. So make it count. Embrace criticism into your workflow and grow and show a greater understanding of the craft we love. #Filmmaking is an umbrella term used here that embraces all the aspects associated with picking a camera and having a go.

I have put together a checklist where you can see if you are open to critique or if you fall into the dreaded Critically Uncritical Nufty Trolling Cameraman category. These of course are but some of the signs that may indicate you have issues with criticism of your work.

Signs You Just Might Be a Critically Uncritical Nufty Trolling Cameraman If:

You have an ethics statement.
You truly are convinced people believe your ethics statement.
Twitter follower numbers matter.
Facebook follower numbers matter.
If you have ever Tweeted your video played numbers.
If you have had a Twitter fight over footage and tried to pass off Trolling as criticism.
You use a $70 tripod.
You have no tripod.
You have been upset that a 17″ monitor will not hang off your DSLR’s hotshoe.
If you have ever made a PVC shoulder camera rig.
If you have ever quipped “Drink the Kool-Aid”
If you constantly say “emotional” about anything and everything to do with filmmaking.
You think DIY rewiring a camera battery to the mains power is a good idea.
You Blog.
Your name is in your Filmmaking Blog.
There is a 5 somewhere in your Filmmaking Blog title.
There is a brand in your Filmmaking Blog title that is not yours.
There are only 6 people on your Filmmaking site right now including you.
Your Filmmaking Blog post only exists to get a clickthrough sale.
If you have ever passed product off as advice.
If you have ever posted a quick take test of anything.
You state you are a full time camera tester.
You consider unboxing videos dead set sexy.
You grade already graded footage and complain about the look.
You delete your Tweets in a Filmmaking argument.
You lock a Filmmaking Blog post.
Uttered the words Higher Ground in a filmmaking discussion.
You have written or posted a video with First Impressions in the title.
If you have ever written or posted a video with My Initial Response in the title.
If you consider yourself a Celebrity.
If you consider yourself a Guru.
If you consider yourself a Master.
If you have ever said you are an Artist, and meant it.
If you have ever yelled at a Soundie.
If you don’t know your Soundies first name.
If you have never worked with a Soundie.
If you have never met a Soundie.
If you don’t know the difference between mic or line in.
If you have ever left a cable air gap.
House lights count as two out of the three lights you use.
You ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for a Film only to do a Short Film instead.
You have no idea what Art House Film is but push “Indie” thinking it’s the same.
If you have ever uttered the term Cinematic Look.
Tried to achieve the Film Look.
Argued ISO over Dynamic Range.
Argued it is raw not RAW.
Slept with the camera in your bed, or at least said goodnight to it.
If you always expect a slap on the back for sharing knowledge and experience.

These are just some of the signs that point to how big a Critically Uncritical Nufty Trolling Cameraman you just might be. Feel free to come up with your own definitions. And as always blame Vision Wrangler for the darker side of Cinescopophilia.

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