More information about that smaller, lighter version of the Kinefinity KineRAW s35 camera, the 12bit s35mm 4k CMOS KineRAW-Mini has emerged. Turns out you can order a KineRAW-Mini today and expect shipping of the s35 camera by late March 2013. A deposit of 5,000 yuan / US$800 will secure you a camera in your choice of one of three colours: black, titanium gray and champagne. Kininity’s KineRAW-Mini camera is available for sale in four packages: Body, Basic Edition, Standard Edition, and Professional Edition.

KineRAW-Mini EF Mount

The KineRAW-Mini for now comes in two lens mount configurations: An EF mount that supports electronic aperture, and the KineMount which will work with PL mount and Nikon F lenses. Kinefinity say they will soon introduce an E-Mount to the line up.

KineRAW-Mini Colours

Kinefinity have a special going for the first 100 buyers of the KineRAW-Mini s35 camera body only for 19,800 yuan or around US$3000. After the first 100 cameras are sold the price goes up to 23,800 yuan or US$3,800 The full blown Professional Edition KineRAW-Mini camera is currently 31,800 yuan or around US$5,000.

Yuan v Dollar
KineRAW-Mini Price List

KineRAW-Mini Camera EF Mount

To order you KineRAW-Mini or to get more information about the s35 camera please see Kinefinity.

Also you can fill out the order form HERE, it is two files zipped in Chinese.

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