We set out to do a very quick unboxing / first look / review of the e-slider 3 foot motorised timelapse slider from Camtree.

Well we hit a snag and will make this review a three part look see. When we were filming the unboxing of the e-slider we realised that there was not any documentation included for the control unit.

Camtree e-slider 8

Instead of a super quick unboxing, it’s now a here is what you get with the e-slider video. We are not going with 10% box. Not even 90% cardboard for the first instalment of the e-slider review.

It is all out in the open… No box.

A very naked look at the e-slider

Camtree e-slider

Without the user manual handy we could have either faked it till we made it, or simply contact the e-slider maker, Camtree for help.

The idiot in me said let’s go it alone without instructions, take the challenge fool!! However the calm centred part of me said no… contact Camtree. So like the delivery of the e-slider the reply from Camtree was quick about the missing instruction booklet.

Dealing with Camtree has been easy. They also go by a few other business names: PROAIM, FLYCAM, FILMCITY and I sometimes see it as CAMTREE hunt. They are the trading names that I have come across.

Camtree sent me a user manual for the slider controller as an attachment within 10 minutes of me e-mailing them.

Camtree e-slider 2

Turns out the controller allows for slider motion action as you would expect it, but does so with 3-axis control. The e-slider controller also acts as a timelapse remote / Intervalometer via a wire to your camera. There is a keyframe mode, timelapse, and live mode, stop motion mode and a few other features… More on the actual controller unit for the e-slider in videos and posts coming up.

Camtree e-slider 3

Quick side note: the e-slider motion unit looks vary similar to the Kessler Oracle motion controller.

The Camtree e-slider took only a few days to turn up from India. Sent express post. Two boxes in total. One box with the slider, bag, spares, cables, power outlet adapters, etc and the second box the motion controller and a small video head.

Camtree e-slider 7

Camtree e-slider 1

As we said this is now a truncated review of the 3ft e-slider. 1. Unbox 2. Review Slider with a BMD camera 3. Review Slider with Canon DSLR camera.

The Good:
The timelapse / motion control unit
Camtree support
Delivery was super quick

The Bad:
Some of the finishes on Igus slider 3/8″ 1/4″ holes… Minor issue
the slider truck does not line up with both end bumpers… Minor issue
Transportation plastic bags split / gear loose in 3ft carry bag
The Dead Band knob was a little sticky

The Ugly:
The casing for the slider motor

Please see Camtree for more information about their e-slider 3ft motorized timelapse slider.

Review by definition is our experience with the gear, with the product. Familiarise yourself with the gear to better understand it.

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