Spanish Cinematographer Pol Turrents (AEC) has published a Blog post and posted a video showing examples and benefits of shooting 48p just like The Hobbit was shot.

Short Film 48p

YouTube now accepts footage in 1080p48.

Pol shot a short film without dialogue (an a homage to the old video cameras!) to show how it 48p works in a narrative content.

Pol uploaded both the 1080/48p and 4K/24p versions of the short film, so you can see the difference between them.

The original file is a 4K (4096*2160) 48p, shot on the Sony F65 camera provided by ovide, edited on Adobe Premiere using the original MXF raw files and post was done on the Nucoda film master at Apuntolapospo.

To view the short film in 48p please watch it on the Chrome web browser.



Use GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER and go to SETTINGS video quality youtube and select 1080p48 and it will play it in that format.
Also your monitor must be equal to or greater than 48Hz, to see 48p.

If you play the videos from this page, then hit the play button and then change the settings to to 1080p48, and 2160p.

This is the short in 48p:

This is the short in 4K 24p:

Any issues then try a direct link in Chrome…

This is the HD 48p link:
This is the 4K 24p link:

The original mp4 HD 48p can be downloaded from HERE.

For more: Pol Turrents Director de fotografía.

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