L’aigle a French based Camera Gear company since 2003 have a complete range of Steadicams designed for any camera weighing from a few hundred grams like the iPhone right up to a large Cine Style Camera at 27 kilos (60lbs).
Rock up on a job with one of these bad boys hanging off your arm and everyone will know you mean Business. NB your actual ability to shoot great pictures is totally dependent on you being a great Cameraman, a Steadicam helps though.

L’aigle have a huge range of Steadicam gear for iPhone DSLR RED plus large Cine Cameras. Check out this Titan which is cool for a DSLR camera to get rock steady shots with.

L’AIGLE TITAN Handheld stabilizer is a wonderful extra-light jewel, designed for any camera weighing up to 3kg or 6.6 pounds. The TITAN is manufactured with the best modern materials.

The gimbal, heart of the stabilizer, is made of Titanium – hence the name – and Tungsten Carbide, the body is in Carbon Fiber and black and blue Soft-touch Aluminum. The TITAN weights a little less than a pound only!

The Titanium gimbal is machined with a 0.008 inch precision. Tungsten Carbide, one of the hardest materials after diamond and more solid than the latter, makes the gimbal durable and frictionless – a slight lateral impulsion is enough to make it spin almost endlessly.

The TITAN can be configured into a shoulder support and updated into a complete body-mounted stabilizing system, with a belt-harness and a LTX® shock absorbing arm, specially designed for it.

Find more info here at L’aigle

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