ikan Product Manager, Julio Ramon, teaches you how to balance your camera and lens on the EC1 gimbal stabilizer for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

The Beholder EC1 is designed specifically for professional filmmakers looking for a single handheld stabilizer for a large range of medium and small cameras weighing up to 4.5 lbs. The Beholder EC1 is lightweight, easy to use, and can be carried in the supplied case or a small photographer bag.

-Durable All Aluminum Construction
-360 Degree Movement from All Axis (Pitch, Yaw & Roll)
-Works with DSLR’s & Mirrorless Cameras between 2.0 to 4.5 lbs
-Equipped with 3 Axis Gyro Stabilized Brushless Motors to Balance Most Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras
-OLED Display Screen to show operating modes
-Equipped with 32-Bit Controller & 12-Bit Encoder

SPECS and More Information From ikan
EC1: https://bit.ly/2cTPDwm

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