Try saying HoFoPro three times really fast. I think it is a dandy name for a top new lens focus control mechanism that is a completely wireless remote Follow Focus system. Hocus Products are adding a buddy to the original popular HoFo Hocus Focus which was designed for DSLR, SLR and broadcast lenses.
The HoFoPro Hocus Focus Professional is the newest edition to the Hocus Products lineup and it is under going final tests to get it ready for release next year. The whole HoFoPro system is designed and made for use with big, heavy cine lenses where silent operation and power are key. Plans are in place to allow customization of the system and the ability to incorporate iPhone/ iTouch functions if requested.
The Price is expected to be around £3400/ $5300 including transmitter, receiver and motor with all cables, drive gears and supplied with a custom case. The Focus Products HoFoPro is expected to be available in early 2011. Until the release date look out for Hocus Products with their HoFoPro and the original HoFo at up coming trade shows.

hofopro clip1 from Erik Brul on Vimeo.

The HoFoPro features an updated and tricked out transmitter with an entirely new digital motor and receiver.
Both the transmitter and receivers firmware can be updated by the user via USB.
Important to note the HoFoPro will be FCC certified for use in the USA. That is big News!
The fresh transmitter brings a new single block machined aluminium control knob and features an advanced fluid drag system which feels just like a lens on a manual follow focus.

The hand unit is also new and has advanced interchangeable conical (3D) marking rings, side pointers, and electronic end stops. The HoFoPro hand unit features the ability to record and stop the camera, both in momentary and latch modes. The transmitter includes a remote calibrate button, so the automatic calibration sequence can be initiated from the transmitter without needing to press any buttons on the receiver. The transmitter is a rugged design and construction with nearly all parts being milled from solid aluminium before being anodized and assembled.

More on the HoFoPro motor and receiver from the Hocus Products website:

The new motor is the cornerstone of the HoFoPro. It is a digital drive motor, compatible with many other existing follow focus devices. It supports auto end stops and auto torque calibration with our receiver so that there is always just sufficient power to rotate the lens without the risk of damage. The motor uses a unique drive train which leaves it with only two moving parts, resulting in almost silent and reliable operation. The drive motor is strong, with more than enough power to turn any lens in freezing cold conditions. The drive gears are lapped as a set so that each motor and gearset is a perfect fit for quiet and smooth operation. The motor has unlimited rotation and also features a very accurate feedback system providing up to 52,000 steps per revolution when used with the HoFoPro receiver. A universal T-slot mounting system is used, which allows for easy up and down adjustment of the motor position and also allows the mount to be changed for a different size or style very easily. The rod mount is made by Zacuto for ultimate durability. The motor runs on 12v, and uses a 7-pin 1B Lemo to connect to the receiver. A quick change gear hub is used and a range of drive gears will be available to suit film and broadcast lenses.

The all new HoFoPro receiver is the brain of the system. It includes very advanced electronics and software, all built into one of the smallest and most compact follow focus receiver enclosures on the market. The receiver makes auto end stop detection, auto torque and remote run/stop all possible. It also supports any other digital motor such as the Preston DM range or any of the Heden digital lens motors.

Primary Functions

– Operates the focus ring of any lens, including cinema and DSLR lenses over a wireless link.
– Features automatic end stop calibration and a manual option for endless rotation style DSLR lenses
– Transmitter includes two programmable hard stops
– Remote run function
– 10 user selectable frequencies / bands
– Transmitter has a low battery warning system.


– Hocus Focus TX2 transmitter unit
– Hocus Focus RX2 receiver unit
– Digital drive motor motor and gears
– 3D marking ring for transmitter
– 2x antennas
– Motor drive cable
– Power cable for receiver
– Hard Storm case with custom fitted foam


– Digital focus motor, compatible with the Preston and most other digital focus systems
– Unlimited rotation
– Uses unique, very efficient drive train.
– Incredibly fast and strong
– Gearset with only two moving parts for reliability
– Extremely quiet
– Motor housing is machined out of two solid plates of aluminium to a three microns tolerance
– Features new T slot mounting system
– New style quick change gear hub
– Uses 7pin 1B lemo for connection to the receiver


– Built into a rugged aluminium extrusion
– Powered off a single 9v battery (10hrs approx operation)
– Features new interchangeable 3D marking rings.
– New side pointers for operating the focus knob side on.
– Initiate the auto calibrate function from the transmitter
– Remote run/stop button on the transmitter (both latch and momentary modes)
– New focus knob, machined from one block of aluminium with a knurl for grip
– Knob features advanced fluid drag and mimics the feel of a manual follow focus and lens.
– Lanyard point and belt clip included
– Durable sealed membrane switches for limit, calibrate, run and frequency settings.
– 10 user selectable frequencies using a colour coded system
– Direction change for reverse operation (for Nikon lenses for example)
– User updatable firmware via USB


– Very small and compact design
– Features single Hirose power input which also serves as the run/stop
– User updatable firmware via USB
– 10-30v power input
– Option to switch to manual calibration for DSLR lenses with infinite rotation


648g (with marking ring and battery)


120x70x35mm (not including the rod mount)

Keep checking Hocus Products for more details

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