Discover the ShooTools AutoPan

Discover the ShooTools AutoPan

The ShootTools Universal Panning Tool fits any slider out in the field right now the company says. The AutoPan system can add synchronised pan movement to any slider or dolly.
Camera Goat

Camera Goat All-terrain Dolly Slider:

The Camera Goat is a modular all-terrain slider that is durable, affordable, and easy to use anywhere. Due to it's modular components, any length of slider shot can be created. The Camera Goat is unique...
Passport Camera Dolly

RigWheels Passport Camera Dolly:

Passport Camera Dolly is the new name for PortaRail Collapsable Dolly Slider Rail System and Universal Rail Brackets combo. The Passport system is available now for pre-order and the first units will beg...
Universal Rail Brackets from RigWheels

RigWheels Universal Rail Brackets:

RigWheels have dropped Universal Rail Brackets, for any sort of pipes and rails you may wish to use on your slider... Read a rip from their PR blurb: These brackets are universal in BOTH width and pip...
Kessler Stealth Slider

Kessler Stealth Carbon Slider Drops:

Kessler Stealth slider gets lighter, smoother, quieter, and a carbon upgrade. Like its predecessor, there is a combination of the sleek style and linear movement Kessler customers expect from a camera s...
MYT Constellation Camera Support System

MYT Constellation Camera Support System Sneak Peek:

MYT Works have dropped a few sneak peek shots of their soon to be released MYT Constellation Camera Support System. It's not all brushless gimbals out there. Just look at the anchor point options... ...
RigWheels 2.0

Oh RigWheels Reboot and Are Now 2.0:

Say hello to 2.0. Our good friends at RigWheels have moved on to the next finger and are now at 2.0. Product rebooting time... RigWheels were introduced to the market a little more than two years ago. Si...
Alpha Dolly

MovieTech and The New Alpha Dolly:

With the Alpha Dolly MovieTech starts a completely new chapter in the dolly sector: for the first time, the characteristics of the two concepts dolly (column electromechanical and hydraulic arm) have been combi...
edelkrone Slider Plus DSLR Camera

edelkrone Slider Plus at Just $500:

edelkrone have dropped the Slider Plus which is a lightweight 2 foot / 61cm slider that has been designed to fit straight into your backpack. The edelkrone Slider Plus will cost you $499.99. edelkrone...