Stumbled across this Pantecam on YouTube and liked the look of it. The Pantecam is a wirelessly controlled dolly that runs without a signature. Sure it is a funny sounding name and unfortunately we don’t know a lot about this one at this stage, other than that, the dolly is controlled by a 2.4GHz RC handset which handles Zoom, Iris, Focus, Record, Pan, and Tilt control. The Pantecam dolly can also stream wirelessly a 5GHz video transmission. We invite the designer Piero Barazzoni or anyone else who is involved with this project to put out more footage and add some information about the Pantecam dolly.

Pantecam Dolly

Certainly looks interesting running the Canon C300 and Sony EX1 cameras. Please don’t release a bag with hot air inside to go with it anytime soon :)

Pantecam in action:

Canon C300 & Pantecam:

Back Stage ”Assassinio nella Cattedrale” Duomo Milano – ”Giretto” con Pantecam…

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