The CamDolly table top dolly and slider is pretty much built for any camera; be it a DSLR, a Handycam, or even a fully kitted out RED or ARRI sporting large heavy glass.


To prove the CamDolly can handle the big cameras the guys decided to mount the heaviest possible camera rig and glass with the heaviest tripod fluid head they could get their hands on.

So they managed to go old school and drop an old ARRI film camera with film cassette, and a heavy OConnor tripod head with Mitchel mount, Cooke 25-250mm lens, matte box, follow focus, etc etc and tested how well their camera dolly and slider system handles rig configurations with larger weight.

Here is some of the results:

Some CamDolly Features:

The CamDolly can handle more than 400 pounds of Load capacity
it can handle the biggest and heaviest camera rigs
it can handle the biggest and heaviest tripods
it can handle different camera cranes up to 400 pounds of weight
1 person alone can carry it
1 person alone can set it up in about 5 minutes in just about any configuration
and it’s also light weight as far as the price goes.

Please see CamDolly for more information about their camera dolly and slider system.

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