The onslaught of brushless gimbals appears to know no bounds, and so of course we have the inevitable hot ticket item from the last few years, the slider married up to a brushless gimbal rig of some sort.

Kesslercrane Slider Brushless Gimbal 4 Axis Rig

French mob Sky-Shoot who normally specialise in aerial drone footage have had a crack at a slider with smooth 4 axis of motion. The rig can be remotely controlled with return video as well.

Google translated quote:

Dolly 4-axis controlled remotely with return video (Translation of 80cm variable from 10 to 90 s, Pan without limit, Tilt-45 ° / + 90 °, and the bubble)

Test Dolly 4 axe by video-aerienne

Keep an eye out for what Sky-Shoot are up to next and don’t be at all surprised if we don’t see more and more brushless gimbal sliders. Shhhhhhhh!!!!

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