Passport Camera Dolly is the new name for PortaRail Collapsable Dolly Slider Rail System and Universal Rail Brackets combo.

Passport Camera Dolly

The Passport system is available now for pre-order and the first units will begin shipping early May however, new pre-orders are now expected to ship mid-June as they are available on a first-come first-serve basis. As a special pre-order offer RigWheels is offering free US shipping and for international customers, shipping for just $99.

The Passport Camera Dolly System is tailor made for traveling professionals and remote production. The all-in-one design and rock solid build quality make the system ideal for international documentary and network news style production where larger/heavier camera systems are being used and a stable, reliable platform is needed.

The entire kit is flight ready at 50lbs (23kg) an won’t incur expensive excess charges. 6.3′ (1.95m) of track collapse into 19″ sections that pack along with the camera dolly carriage, end-brackets and ball-head adapters into one Pelican 1610 protector case (with wheels & handle). The track/tubes are interchangeable with the larger 40″ PortaRail systems so if longer range is needed, you can always add more length. Sections of track connect seamlessly via threaded connectors and are constructed from high-grade 6061 aluminum for rigidity. At the included 6.3′ length, the rails have less than 1/8″ of flex with a 40lb load placed at the center.

In addition to the Passport, there are a few new travel-case options for some of the existing RigWheels products.

Please see RigWheels for more information about their Passport Camera Dolly.

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