Say hello to 2.0. Our good friends at RigWheels have moved on to the next finger and are now at 2.0. Product rebooting time…

RigWheels 2.0

RigWheels were introduced to the market a little more than two years ago. Since that time the reception around the world has been amazing and now the product boasts users in more than 90 countries. Though RigWheels LLC now makes a variety of products, it is now time for a much anticipated reboot of the original “RigWheel.”

Version 2.0 is all new from the ground up with the biggest change being the precision machined aluminum wheel bodies providing smoother more accurate movement and even heavier load capacities.

Upgraded micro wheel bearings further increase performance over the previous version with a smoother covering and quieter operation. Same as in the original version is the ability to use different sizes of bolts with the wheel carriage.

5/16” / M8 is the native size but 1/4” & 3/8” can also be used. All of these new improvements and refinements come at the same affordable price of $115.00 for a set of 4.

RigWheels allow users to create a variety of different camera dolly, slider and and skater rigs using the simple, well thought out product. Turnkey systems and kits are also now available allowing the user to customize their own solution from DIY to complete system. Portability is a key benefit to the RigWheels concept.

A set of 4 RigWheels is about the same size as a portable hard drive so they travel easily and keep smooth camera movement in your bag of tricks. provides information and instructions on dozens of DIY builds in addition to their growing lineup of camera movement and mounting solutions.

For more information about the all new RigWheels 2.0 please see RigWheels.

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