With the Alpha Dolly MovieTech starts a completely new chapter in the dolly sector: for the first time, the characteristics of the two concepts dolly (column electromechanical and hydraulic arm) have been combined with those of a pedestal. A highlight of the dolly is the use of standard camera batteries to power it. With a 80-column payload of 100kg it copes with all camera setups. Finally, the Alpha Dolly distinguishes itself by a new slender design and a low starting position of the column.

Alpha Dolly

3 Li-Ion batteries power the dolly

Due to the high performance level of modern lithium ion batteries, it takes only three units of e.g. 14.4V 10A batteries (v-mount or gmount old as well as used for cameras) to move the column. At the sametime, the Alpha Dolly column masters 80 to 100kg payload and Therefore all modern camera setups. Owing to their worldwide availability, their short charging times and their durability, the L i-ion batteries adds flexibility and independence regarding the power supply.

Alpha Dolly Batteries

Low starting position and a different seat concept enable new perspectives

As the column lift has its lowest point at 710mm, the Alpha Dolly Enables very low shooting positions without the need of a supplementary adapter. The new seating position at the column is equivalent to the familiar working method of the hydraulic lift arm dollies. Via poor seat adapters available in different lengths and a new telescopic arm seat, the seating position may be adjusted in height. Moreover, the camera operator may rotate with the column thanks to the integrated 360° rotation system.

Alpha Dolly Seat

Sophisticated technique

The Alpha Dolly is a complete new dolly system and as MovieTech has produced camera dollies for many years it benefits from well-proven and mature technology with a worldwide reputation. The Alpha Dolly comes in a rather complete basic setup. Further accessories are available right away as the system is compatible with many of the standard MovieTech accessories.

Light, compact and highly flexible – just on time for the high season filming MovieTech delivers with the Alpha Dolly a completely new dolly. With its unique power supply concept, its compact dimensions and its reliability the Alpha Dolly perfectly fulfills the requirements of modern movie set.

Please see MovieTech for more on the Alpha Dolly.

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