DitoGear have dropped the Modulo a new heavily configurable modular motion control system. The DitoGear Modulo is a single axis, multiple axis, motorized, hand pushed, dolly, slider; it’s one motor block, with multiple add-on parts with what seems unlimited possibilities. Right now you have a chance to win your very own DitoGear ModuloDrive kit by simply submitting a design idea including drafts, pictures or videos documenting your idea of using the DitoGear Modulo Drive motor unit with OmniController for creative filmmaking. See below for details.

DitoGear Modulo

DitoGear Modulo design fundamentals:

DitoGear Modulo is truly portable and modular, whatever it takes.
The ModuloDrive servo motor blocks are compact, strong and compatible with all existing motion controllers: OmniController, Trito, DragonBridge and Evolution!
Even the ModuloDrive motor blocks are modular. Replace the drive wheels at the motor shaft easily with a rope/cable pulley, traction belt gear or a drive/friction wheel.
Modulo can be configured as 1-axis system or multiaxis system depending on your creativity and can be extended by adding OmniHead or any 3rd party pan/tilt head.
Combine the system with 3rd party accessories thanks to design that is based on 15mm rods and are ¼” threaded holes almost everywhere.
Modulo can run as a motion controlled unit or as a traditional, plain pushed by hand dolly or table dolly.

DitoGear Modulo Dolly

DitoGear Modulo out-of the box configurations:

DitoGear Modulo comes as separate parts, or in one of preconfigured packages, such as:

Modulo Dolly A (1 – 5m, extensible track, ModuloDrive on the end block)
Modulo Dolly B (1 – 5m, extensible track, ModuloDrive on the trolley)
Rover (does not need a track, runs on a flat surface).

Packages include either old and good OmniController or latest state-of-the-art DitoGear Evolution.

For way more information on the DitoGear Modulo and for full T&C’s about entering the ModuloDrive Kit competition please see the DitoGear website HERE.

#DitoGear are a proud supporter of Cinescopophilia.

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