Did you get into that whole DIY skater dolly scene or just go out and buy a DIY model straight off the shelf? Yes that is a joke…. We know you bought one of those popular name branded dollies instead. Well did you know thanks to MoveYourCamera.com you can motorize just about any free-rolling skater or track dolly, including that colourful signature branded one you got.


After tons of requests and months of development and testing, we’re proud to finally offer the Cinemotivator motor kit for the Cinemover and CineSpider (and pretty much any other free-rolling skater or track dolly). Like the Cinemover, the beauty of the Cinemotivator is its versatility. It uses a continuous-loop ball-chain drive system to smoothly move your camera dolly at varying speeds—from a traditional dolly move to a super-low-speed crawl suitable for exciting moving time-lapse shots.

Cinemotivator Motorkit

The complete Cinemotivator kit comes with the following: Motor mounting bracket, idler bracket, 20 feet of ball-chain, solid mount and removable hook chain ends, mounting hardware, 12V power supply (US plug), digital variable speed controller and a 60rpm motor with mounted drive gear and electrical connectors. The kit is ready to go out of the box, and you can have your Cinemover moving along under its own power within minutes. This complete kit is just $199.99.

Video by Jerry Frost:

We like to throw a good deal your way when we can. For only $25 more we’ll throw in a super-slow 3.5rpm motor as well. Shoot exquisite moving time lapses, or move the camera through long scenes at a snail’s pace. In our tests, this motor traversed 12 inches in about 90 seconds at full speed. At its minimum speed, it covers 12 inches in a little over six minutes.

For more information about the Cinemotivator dolly motor upgrade kit please contact MoveYourCamera.com.

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