Frank Suero does an unboxing of two different sized INTELLITECH Light Stix LED lights and then takes a look at them.

INTELLYTECH Light STIXS, I open the Box and review every detail of the lights. In this video we take a look at the features for this amazing lights, the build quality and everything that it is included on the package as you receive it. This is the first par video with the Open box and initial review of the equipment. Our second part video talks about the accessories and how to use them.

INTELLYTECH has build a amazing light here, powerful, lightweight, easy to transport and easy to use with options found only on way more expensive units like Wireless control and 3 assignable groups per light to work with each light.

To me the LIGHT STIX is a light that is now on my lighting kit all the time because I can take 4 of these light every where and still be lightweight. Used for Portrait photography to product shots and video interviews this lights are a versatile equipment that me, you or any one will get the initial low investment back in the very first job.

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