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Advanced Time Lapse Photography: Part 2 – Getting the Shot with Corey Rich from AdoramaTV on Vimeo.

In part one of this Tech Tip, photographer and director Corey Rich walked us through the principles behind how to create multi-axis-controlled time-lapse. Now, he’s going to show us how to actually do it, with stunning results. The process begins by scouting a beautiful location—you’re looking for a landscape with a great composition, paying careful attention to the foreground as that’s going to be what creates a nice parallax effect. Corey provides his complete settings for a Kessler Second Shooter and Nikon D810, as well as his checklist for making sure that everything is correct before beginning. Once you depress that shutter and begin your time-lapse intervalometer, the trick is to sit back, not second guess yourself, and enjoy your position for the next few hours.

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