Grozea Ion an engineer from Romania has come up with a remote control for controlling the functions of two cameras or two devices. Some of the cameras features the GVI DSLR RC can remotely control and enable are Manual, HDR, Timelapse, High Speed, Bulb, and Gravity modes.

Check out the video where Grozea goes through his remote GVI DSLR RC DSLR touchscreen controller invention. Hang in there the video is long but it is very detailed.
Make sure you see Grozea’s webpage where he has very detailed drawings of his circuits that he is using in this project.

GVI DSLR RC is a remote control for DSLR cameras or any other camera that has a wire remote control port. The main purpose of this device is “freezing” of fast motion objects in a picture (also known as High Speed Photography), that can give you some pretty special photographic effects.
The remote control has four input/output stereo female jack connectors, two of them are used to control cameras, flashes or other devices connected to the remote and two of them are use to read data from sensors like sound, light, projectile and other type.

Check out Grozea Ion’s website for more DEETS.

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