November 3rd Canon announcement would be a dandy of a day if the big boys decided to release a stripped back camera that just did one thing. Simple just wear the camera on a finger view with LCD and snap. Now if they could just get 4k RAW video to happen out of it for the November 3rd announcement & the RED Scarlet camera is sunk……….

The Canon Snap due to its small size and ring form, this miniature snapshot camera can be always with you. Against the trend of putting more and more functions into electronic devices, the idea for this camera was to make it as simple and easy to use as possible.The most important point for a snapshot camera is of course that you have it active the right moment. Therefore the whole electronic is put into a flexible gelring that can be easily worn on the index finger. In combination with the easy to use one button interface quick accessibility and fun taking snapshots is guarantied.

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