BuggyCam All Terrain Camera Rig

Rob Drewett an experienced BBC wildlife cameraman and Andy Nancollis Buggy racer and design engineer, have come up with BuggyCam, an almost limitless mobile camera platform. BuggyCam is based on a race proven 1/5th scale 4wd remote controlled vehicle chassis, and further developed to integrate… Read More

Logger’s Lunchbox:

Imagine the Ergocine Unique Cat On The Shoulder camera rig and the German made MOVIEtube rig creating a baby, it would be like the Logger’s Lunchbox. Oh wait its already happened… In two flavours. The Logger’s Lunchbox (patent pending) is a pain-and-suffering alleviation mechanism that… Read More

edelkrone PocketSHOT:

Four comments on YouTube so far; two postive and two not so glowing for the edelkrone baby camera rig; the PocketSHOT. One comment says too expensive and then this comment from YouTube user Dave Patterson: Just what every soccer mom needs for her DV handycam.… Read More