Rob Drewett an experienced BBC wildlife cameraman and Andy Nancollis Buggy racer and design engineer, have come up with BuggyCam, an almost limitless mobile camera platform.


BuggyCam is based on a race proven 1/5th scale 4wd remote controlled vehicle chassis, and further developed to integrate our unique V-CON camera mount system. Together with our Freefly Movi M15 it can carry and stabilise a payload of up to 10kg allowing for some of the best video cameras and lenses to be mounted and controlled on it.

BuggyCam is available on a wet hire basis.

BuggyCam All Terrain Camera Rig

BuggyCam’s all terrain, highly tunable remotely controlled chassis can take the highest quality camera equipment and put it in to otherwise inaccessible places, whilst adding a layer of motion not seen or used before to this degree.

If you’ve previously invested in the time and cost of dolly’s, booms, track or wires to create movement within low level camera shots, then the benefits of BuggyCam are instantly obvious. No lengthy set up times, and the ability to instantly adjust the placement and speed of the buggy anywhere mean you’ll spend more time shooting and perfecting your shot than setting up and lugging kit around!

BuggyCam Vs Peregrine from Rob Drewett on Vimeo.

BuggyCam is a new and exciting way to move the camera.

BuggyCam Vs Pedal Progression from Rob Drewett on Vimeo.

We took BuggyCam out for literary 2 hours to film some shots of Sam from and here is what we came up with. Thank you Sam!

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