That all terrain BuggyCam camera rig we first showed off back in November 2014, is now for sale.

Available to everyone.

BuggyCam For Sale

Rob Drewett BBC wildlife cameraman and Andy Nancollis Buggy racer and design engineer are the brains behind the BuggyCam, and they say the all terrain brushless gimbal system comes as a fully ready to run kit with everything you need to go filming right out of the box.

You just need to mount your MoVI or Ronin brushless gimbal and a camera of choice, charge the batteries and you are off.

The BuggyCam is going to set you back around: £6,995.00

BuggyCam vs Red Deer from Rob Drewett on Vimeo.

We set BuggyCam up in stealth mode and tested it with the Red Deer from Ashton Court, here are the results!

Thanks to Max Hug-Williams, Ashton court game keepers and Chris Kidd for filming and editing.

BuggyCam Vs Peregrine from Rob Drewett on Vimeo.

BuggyCam is a new and exciting way to move the camera.

For more: Motion Impossible.

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