The Origin Camera Stabilizer appears to be the first camera gimbal with a dedicated detachable 4th axis.

Origin Camera Stabilizer

The Origin Camera Stabilizer is a creative camera tool that allows you to capture extremely smooth footage in rugged environments. The revolutionary dampening system has pushed the technology further than we had originally anticipated. We need your help to create the final mold which will define the cutting edge design and functionality of this stabilizer. The dampening system is almost at the sweet spot where we need it to be. With your pledges we will have the opportunity to perfect the system. The Origin is also light weight. It weighs 4.5 lbs and can carry up to a 5 lbs load.

The Origin Stabilizer is the only device with 4 axis of stability. We introduce the detachable four axis dampening system. This system provides an incredible way to fight gravity and removes bumps even out of the most rugged of film environments. Much of the up and down movement is marginalized if not completely removed with this revolutionary dampening system.

For more: EyeConic, and the Origin Kickstarter campaign.

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