There is a 4, a 5, a 6, and a 7, model SteadyGim 3-axis Camera Stabilizer. Looks like BeStableCam have most sized cameras taken care of when it comes to brushless gimbal camera rigs.

Take a look at the SteadyGim5 from BeSteadyCam.

SteadyGim5 Pro 3-axis Camera Stabilizer

Now this stock standard shake the camera on the brushless gimbal rig video is pretty much what we have seen in just about every gimbal rig clip, until the handler hits the crazy shake the living bejeebers out of it button.

It’s almost like he thinks the rig is glow sticks and he’s trancing at an all nighter.

The BeStableCam SteadyGim5 Pro is a 3-axis brushless gimbal with an interchangeable feature allowing it to function either in an airborne application or a handheld gimbal— simply by changing the mounting racks. It also features an independent self-stabilization function, not relying on the airframe flight controller or other external control systems. In airborne mode, it uses an internal secondary stabilization system to further stability itself while in flight.


This gimbal is made of 6061-T6 aerospace aluminium, and is sculpted with precision CNC machining. The gimbal uses custom designed and developed high-torque brushless motors to maximise both gripping power and control accuracy, enabling it to support heavier cameras and high wind conditions. With its vibration dampening system, slip-ring equipped motors, and internal wiring — this gimbal rotates around all three axes with unimpeded freedom and smoothness. Having the added ability of the yaw motor to endlessly pan 360 degrees, this gimbal is exclusively built to meet all the needs of a variety of video or photography

Designed with the AV and image transmission interface, this gimbal can easily utilize the connection between the camera and image transmission. Equipped with an infrared module, this gimbal can support Canon 5D series cameras to take pictures and video, or Nikon DSLR series cameras to take pictures.

Remote control features enable the switching between photography and video functions while in flight. The handheld platform also allows switching between taking pictures and video by using the handgrip mounted analog switch.

For more: BeStableCam.

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