It was bound to happen. We even said way back when, it was only a matter of time before some DIYer put a PVC pipe brushless gimbal rig together.

From the very first 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig beginnings back in 2012 from MotionLock, to present day DIY PVC piping brushless rigs.

The snake has truly caught its tail.

DIY 3 Axis Gimbal

Dicky Kwok from Dicky Kwok Aerial Production, a DIY rig builder took up the challenge of building his very own 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig.


DIY 3 Axis Gimbal Steadicam by Dicky Kwok (Raw Footage Pilot Run) from Dicky Kwok Aerial Production on Vimeo.

Now we wait for the Lego 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig.

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