The AllSteady 7 brushless gimbal camera rig was a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2014.

Now look at her all grown up… Or him.


Handling cameras from a 5D with cine lenses to a fully geared Red Epic with battery modules, the AllSteady-7 from Turbo Ace is an evolutionary 3-axis gimbal that enlightens and inspires.
In this video we loaded the AllSteady-7 with a Red Epic and Canon Cine Lens (7.5 lbs) plus 3 Dumb Bell Disks (5+5+2.5 lbs) for a total of 20 lbs. Aside from its superior payload, the AllSteady-7 also comes with a proprietary micro balance system which makes it the quickest gimbal to balance your equipment.

AllSteady-7 Features & Specifications

* Exceptionally Rigid Carbon Fiber & CNC Aluminum Architecture
* Payload Capacity: 20 lbs maximum depending on operating conditions
* Run Time: 2 to 4 hours depending on operating conditions
* 40mm Core Structural Carbon Fiber Booms with superior rigidity to support heavier payloads without bounce or slippage.
* 25mm Handle Bar Carbon Fiber Booms with Optional Monitor Mounting Bracket with Articulated Arm.
* 32bit Alexmos Gimbal Controller with Dual Sensor implementation for fast, reliable and consistent orientation.
* Ultra High Resolution Pan-Axis Motor with specialized large diameter and high stator count for exceptionally smooth panning without micro jitters.
* Differentiated Brushless Roll-Axis & Tilt-Axis Motors to optimize precision and tolerance to accommodate a wider range of camera and lens combinations.
* Anti Rotation Stopper on tilt-axis to prevent wire damage from accumulated 360 tilt-axis rotations.
* Multi-Directional Motor Shaft with tight tolerance mounting designed to secure and to eliminate slop in motor mechanism. (Patent Pending)
* Support Bearings integrated on all three motors to safeguard all vulnerable smaller motor bearings from premature wear and damage.
* Expanded Pan-Axis Motor Cage with zero slop integration for a tough 35mm ID / 40mm OD bearing to reinforce pan-axis function to sustain heavier payloads in tilted positions. (Patent Pending)
* Main Electronic Compartment houses the gimbal controller and features On/Off Power Switch and Battery Status Indicator LED.
* Aux Electronic Compartment houses either the 2nd Sensor or the Optional Aux Voltage Regulator.
* Integrated Battery Compartment for a fast and secured loading to prevent a loose battery from interfering with gimbal performance.
* Reversible Joystick Module for right or left handed users and for regular or inverted gimbal operations.
* Triple Booms Camera Tray locks camera and lens from both top & bottom, a critical set up that prevents vibrations and oscillation from surfacing.
* Toolless Macro Tilt-Axis & Roll-Axis CG Adjustments to accommodate major camera & lens changes
* Quick Release Levers on camera tray CG adjustments for fast and convenient camera & lens balancing
* Micro Roll-Axis Adjustment enables a wheel to pull and push the payload in micro increments thus eliminating trial and error in balancing. (Patent Pending)
* Internal Clamps integration in critical joints to prevent boom damage from over tightening and slippage from heavier payloads. (Patent Pending)
* Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handles adjustable in 45 degree increments to accommodate different operating positions.
* Comprehensive Wire Conduits, Hollow Motor Shafts and Slip Ring implementation for unimpeded gimbal functions, to protect wires from damage and for clean aesthetics.
* 4,000mah 4S Lithium Ion Smart Battery with Auto Shut-Off to prevent battery damage.
* Wall Charger to conveniently recharge batteries.
* Optional Aux Voltage Regulator for 5V or 12V
* Optional Wireless Joytick Controller Module
* Optional Live Video Feed for wireless operators

Please see Turbo Ace for more information about the AllSteady 7 brushless gimbal camera rig.

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