Yawn… what’s that another camera unboxing video. Please.

But wait you haven’t seen this RED EPIC unboxing video from Sergio Herencias…

Why this unboxing video is well… KHALEESI – Mother of Dragons!!

Because we were very excited about the arrival of our new RED EPIC-X we decided to make our second unboxing film. But this time we wanted to do it slightly different.

The concept was simple: Our DP Sergio freaked out completely when he received the cam and wanted to show it to everyone, but something went a bit wrong…

— It’s not a DRAGON but still EPIC! —

In our opinion, the Red Dragon is an upgrade of the existing Red Epic Hardware, indeed much better and powerful, but without the RED Epic no Dragon would exist. That’s why the RED EPIC is the mother of the RED DRAGON. In conclusion to this and inspired by the award wining series Game of Thrones we decided to call our new Camera:

Khaleesi Mother of Dragons

Thanks to Sergio Herencias DP from Guave Motion. Classic!

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