Daniel Peters had a little play with the Sony Sony A7S II camera on the same day he whipped the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K around…

Sony A7S II Test from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

So I went out to test the new Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K (not 4.6K),
I also took the Sony A7S II, too see how they compare on grading, shots, slowmo and handheld with the A7S 2 with steady shot
compared to handheld with the Ursa Mini with global shutter.

Remember these cameras are quite similar in price…

As you can see, the A7S2 rocks, slowmo holds up well.

But grading compared to the Ursa, you can see the AS72 falls apart a bit in the skies, some banding due to it being 8 bit. I'm interested to see what recording to a 10bit recorder will look like.

Shot this in Slog3, but I also did some tests and shot for a client in slog3 and that came out fine
maybe its not a fan of foggy scenes haha

Also, it doesn't matter how good the steady shot is….the rolling shutter is quite bad and looks worse handheld then the Ursa Mini.
(in my opinion)

Lowlight, no tests here but the Ursa mini doesn't stand a chance, even the 4.6k probably doesn't stand a chance.
Lowlight is great with the A7S2.

I've also worked on LUTS for Slog3 (releasing soon) and a profile to match Slog3 so you can shoot slowmo worth keeping haha
as 120fps slog3 automatically goes up to 3200 ISO which is just too noisy and sucks

Lenses used on this test
Sigma Art series lenses, 24-105mm, 50mm and the 24mm

URSA Mini 4K Test:

Ursa Mini 4K Test from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

Went out first thing in the morning to see how the Ursa Mini 4K handles compared to the BIG Ursa

This isn't the 4.6K version so the sensor is exactly the same as the current URSA models

Did some handheld tests to see what it looks like, handheld in a smaller body, frame rates at 4K and 1080p windowed frame rates.

Lightly graded this, it was nice and sunny but when we arrived…it was foggy and cloudy.

Just like the URSA, this Ursa mini 4K looks great in 4K and 1080p….

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