Wasn’t it supposed to be all about 4K this year? Well the filmmaking RC hybrid community would have to be heading into the home straight neck and neck with 4K for the years biggest buzz surely.

Rotorview now have a 3 axis brushless gimbal camera rig that they build to order.

I know they will have to change the name they have given their rig though. It’s not actually called the Rotorview, but rather Steadycam… Ring ring hello Tiffen what’s that…. legal action.

So for now we will call it the Rotorview brushless camera rig, and it will run you about €2990 excluding VAT or around $3970.

Rotorview features:

– 3 axis stabilization powered by quiet brushless motors.
– Simple construction of anodized aluminum and carbon fiber.
– Handles cameras up to around 1,5 kg.
– Allows for panning and control of tilt.
– Perfect for solo operations.
– It is sold complete and ready to use with one battery and charger.

Price: 2990 Euros excluding VAT (no VAT outside Europe)

ROTORVIEW 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Camera Rig

The Rotorview Brushless rig is built to order and will ship within 3-4 weeks of initial down-payment.

Here is the first demo of our new 3-axis handheld steadycam. It can handle cameras of up to around 1.5kg. It is light weight, easy to operate and silent. It’s built to order and estimated delivery time is 3-4 weeks. Please send Rotorview an e-mail for more information.

This video just aims to show the stabilizing capabilities of our new platform, therefore the exaggerated movements. Sorry about the music and overexposure! :)

Big HT to Vashi Visuals, and please see Rotorview for more information about their brushless gimbal camera rig.

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