12 RED Cameras, 20 GoPro’s, 2 ARRI Alexa’s & 1 Phantom Flex 2K Shoot The JAGON Film

As Behind the Scenes Videos go, this student film “Jagon” BTS is top shelf, drop jaw geekdom with 36 cameras in play. Most of them used at the same time during the movies action scenes.


JAGON… An old hunter finds the lost rosary of a mysterious saracen princess, which keeps an old secret power.

Bonus: Watch the Guy under the crane at 0:21…

A student shortfilm project shot in 12 days in cooperation with SWR. See 12 Reds and 20 GoPros in action simultaneously, 2 Alexa Cameras and one Phantom Flex 2k. Enjoy

DIRECTOR: Murat Eyüp Gönültas

DP: Tony Kopec

EDITOR: Fabian Gustus


PRODUCER: Hannes Höhn, Johannes Kunkel

Behind the scenes of a 4 day Martial Arts Motion Capture/Virtual Camera session.
As part of previs it enabled us to plan out camera moves within a plan sequence with maximum artistic freedom.

Videos via Film Academy Baden-Württemberg.


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