Schneider Optics introduces the Schneider Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III prime lenses. Designed for PL-mount 35mm single sensor and film cameras, the fine optics feature fast T/stops, superb image quality and robust construction. The lens range includes an 18mm/T 2.2 in addition to a 25mm/T 2.2, 35mm/T 2.1, 50mm/T 2.0, 75mm/T 2.0 and 95mm/T 2.0.

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Long known for fine optics, Schneider’s high-resolution tele-centric design provides even image brightness and minimizes breathing. By utilizing up to eighteen iris blades, the lenses produce a desirable and pleasing “bokeh” when imaging with a shallow depth of field. Another benefit is the operator-friendly focus control that has large, easily readable engravings and offers 270 degrees of focus rotation to facilitate smooth and accurate adjustment. In addition, the lenses are capable of ultra-close focusing, down to 11” (25cm) from the sensor plane.

Care has been taken to identically physically match each lens in the Cine Xenar III set. These primes share the same housing dimensions, and all focus and iris gears are in the same position so that follow focus systems and matte boxes remain in the same positions as the lenses are changed. Also Integral to each lens is a similarly positioned 0.8/123 tooth focus gear module and a 0.8/118 tooth iris gear module. Even the 18mm fits the profile. For this precision optic, Schneider Kreuanach engineers designed a custom low-distortion aspheric front element to keep the housing the same size. Due to their common 100 x 0.75mm threaded lens fronts screw-in filters can be mounted to each lens except the 18mm.

According to noted optics expert and Schneider Optics Vice President, Bill Turner, “No other 6-lens set offers professionals such an attractive combination of quality, outstanding features, and durability for under $50,000.”

Equally at home on a film or video camera, the Cine-Xenar III lenses are designed and made in Germany by the Schneider-Kreuznach Group. The lenses will be available in July 2012.

Please see Schneider Optics for more information on the new Schneider Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III Prime Lenses.

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